Appendix AChange log

Revision History
  • 1.1.0, 16 Apr 2022

    Support for the 15 April 2022 specification, version 1.1.0

    The most significant changes are:

    1. The “repeat0” and “repeat1” separator characters are now doubled: “item*','” becomes “item**','”, and “item+','” becomes “item++','”.

    2. The semantics of “^” before a literal have changed. It now signals an insertion. The grammar fragment “'a', ^'-', 'b'” matches an “a” followed immediately by a “b”, but the XML output will be “a-b”. The text marked “^” matches nothing but is inserted in the output. The insertion character may change.

    3. At least one whitespace character or comment is required between rules. (This is very unlikely to have any practical consequence since most grammar authors start a new rule on a new line. But where “a:'1'.b:'2'. used to be allowed, you must now write “a:'1'. b:'2'.. This avoids an ambiguity in the grammar.)

  • 1.0.0, 20 Mar 2022

    Initial release, version 1.0.0