CoffeeFilter Test Report

Report generated on 06 Aug 2023 at 21:03 with CoffeeFilter version 3.2.1 (using CoffeeGrinder version 3.2.1) from a test suite dated 21 Jun 2022 (20 Jun 2023).


Top-level catalog for tests in the iXML Community Group Test Suite.

Tests have been contributed from several sources, but the core of the test collection are the tests contributed by Steven Pemberton in December 2021.

Correct Syntax tests

01 Jun 2022


Syntax tests for grammar features. These tests all make assertions about grammars that are syntactically correct.



This test was written to test comments, but it tests ixml and rule too.

Created 26 Mar 2022 by ndw

Invisible XML Grammar
{ a comment }
S: { another comment } 'a' { and another } .
{ a final comment }

Test case: Grammar test

Repository URI: …/tests/syntax/catalog-of-correct-tests.xml

Expected result
   <comment> a comment </comment>
   <rule name="S">
      <comment> another comment </comment>
         <literal string="a">
            <comment> and another </comment>
   <comment> a final comment </comment>

Test report